Mission | Messenger | Message – Rev Lucy Burden



As we continue our series on Jonah, Rev Lucy Burden invites us to consider three components of our text in Jonah chapter 3: 

Jonah is given a Mission from God – God is the God of Mission.  We, like Jonah, do not choose a Mission, rather we are called to Mission by God because it is God who desires the Mission the be fulfilled.  This may not be something we feel comfortable with but it fulfils His will; 

Jonah obeys and becomes God’s Messenger.  We too are asked to share our time and our talents to fulfil God’s purpose.  Our Mission here in St Mark’s – to bring the heart of God to the heart of Portadown – is a Mission we must all choose to accept; 

and Jonah shared a difficult message – a warning that challenged the core foundation of life in Nineveh.  This Message could have been difficult to receive but it was a message from the Heart of God that spoke to the Heart of an imperfect people and the imperfect people responded.