Hearing the Voice of God – Rev Lucy Burden

In the 3rd chapter of 1 Samuel we hear the voice of God speak to Samuel.  At first, Samuel does not recognise this voice – and as the passage points out, the word of the Lord was rare at this time.  Indeed, three attempts are made to attract the attention of Samuel before Eli guides him to listen.  

In this sermon, Lucy draws our attention to Samuel being in the right place – spiritually and geographically; having the right posture – in submissive anticipation; and the right attitude – humbly acknowledging the need to respond.

As we seek to grow spiritually, we need to ‘take the spoon out of our Bible’ – the living Word of God.

This morning’s passages teaches us that if we are going to hear and know the voice of God at work in our own life, then we need to Be In the right place, have the right posture and the right attitude (1 Samuel 3:1-10)